Tina Petrišič

I graduated in Biology (September, 2020) from Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Then I started my Masters Degree in Ecology and Biodiversity, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

I am currently working on a Master thesis with a title: Testing immunocompetence in the terrestrial crustacean Porcellio scaber after long-term microplastics exposure.

In October 2022 I started a position as a Laboratory Technician in Research group for Nanobiology and Nanotoxicology.

During my work I gained experience in:

  • Experiment preparation for studying potential effects of microplastics and other pollutants on the terrestrial and aquatic organisms (Porcellio scaber, Tenebrio molitor, Daphnia magna, Tetrahymena thermophila)
  • DHC, haemocyte viability)
  • Experiment settings for toxicity studies on zebrafish embryos (Danio rerio)
  • Sampling haemolymph of Porcellio scaber and assessing cellular immune parameters (i.e., THC, DHC, haemocyte viability)
  • Sample preparation for microscopy and spectroscopy (conventional histology, SEM)
  • Biochemical biomarker measurements (AChE, GST, ETS, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates)
  • Cell cultivation
  • Cytotoxicity testing