Ljubljana - October 5th, 2022

Plasticsfate consortium meeting in Edinburgh

UL is a member of PlasticsFate project. In september, we attended the first in person consortium meeting in Edinburgh. Follow us for more news.
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Ljubljana - October 5th, 2022

NOVA Kick-Off Meeting

Bionanoteam is a partner in the NOVA (Next Generation BiOactiVe NAnocoatings) project. NOVA aims to provide a comprehensive approach to the development of antimicrobial coatings by creating an effective feedback loop between coating design, end use and functional/safety testing. In September 2022, members of the Bionanoteam participated in the kickoff meeting for the NOVA project in Salzburg
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Ljubljana - August 9th, 2022

Bionanoteam was again very successful in Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON) calls

We obtained 3 projects under Horizon-Ria action: NOVA (call: A digitised, resource-efficient and resilient industry 2021); REPOXYBLE (call: A digitised, resource-efficient and resilient industry 2022) and ACCORDs (call: Digital and emerging technologies for competitiveness and fit for the green deal). We are particularly proud of being coordinators for ACCORDs project. Keeping our fingers crossed for final stages in preparation of ...
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Ljubljana - May 3rd, 2022


Italian association of developmental and comparative immunobiology organised a conference on Developmental and Comparative Immunobiology. prof. Drobne was invited speaker and gave a talk entitled " Stem Cells and Innate Immunity in aquatic Invertebrates: which relationships?". Find the full program here.
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Ljubljana - April 8th, 2022

Andraž Dolar receives Faculty Prešeren’s prize

Andraž Dolar received a Faculty Prešeren's prize for the Master thesis: "Optimisation of methods to assess the immune-related processes in the haemolymph of terrestrial isopods", mentor: doc. dr. Anita Jemec Kokalj. Congratulations!    
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Ljubljana - March 22nd, 2022

Cost action workshop: Beyond biology: Stem cells in philosophy, theology, ethics, law and economy

Bionanoteam organized a Cost action workshop in the scope of the "CA16203 - Stem cells of marine/aquatic invertebrates: from basic research to innovative applications". The meeting was focused to discuss Stem cells in philosophy, theology, ethics, law and economy. The meeting was held in Laško, 21-22.3.2022. Workshop programme
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Ljubljana - December 23rd, 2021

new equipment PerkinElmer Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

We have successfully acquired a new equipment the Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Perkin Elmer PinAAcle500. The PinAAcle 500 is a robust, fully-integrated, flame-only benchtop system for metal analysis, ideal for laboratories needing a reliable, easy-to-use, yet high-performance flame AA. We are looking forward to our new metal analysis.
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Ljubljana - December 20th, 2021

Bionanoteam members participating in working groups of CUSP

PlasticsFatE is one of five projects that currently form CUSP: the European Research Cluster to Understand the Health Impacts of Micro and Nanoplastics. This is a collaborative cluster focusing many different aspects of potential health impacts of micro-nanoplastics. Two bionanoteam members, prof. dr. Damjana Drobne and doc.dr. Anita Jemec Kokalj are members of two workings groups, the WG Data Sharing ...
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Ljubljana - August 9th, 2021


As partners of the WetAdapt project, members of the Bionanoteam group participated in the fieldwork, which took place in August 2021 on the island of Tenerife. The main goal of the WETADAPT project is to identify the physiological adaptive and plastic potential properties of ectothermic organisms related to metabolism and water retention. Read more about this project on wetadapt.si
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Ljubljana - July 1st, 2021

Organisation of the 5th Congress of Slovenian Toxicology Society

Bionanoteam contributed to organization and presented its work at the congress held by Slovenian toxicology society (17.6.2021): Microparticles and nanoparticles- risks of use and exposure. Please read more. (in Slovene language)
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Damjana Drobne

Prof. Dr. Damjana Drobne

Biotechnical Faculty University of Ljubljana Večna pot 111 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia +386 1 320 3375 email | bibliography Bionanoteam is a research group at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. Founded in 2008 by Prof. Damjana Drobne, Bionanoteam currently consists of 3 experienced researchers, 2 PhD candidates, 1 technical assistant and a number of graduate and undergraduate students. Damjana is a Professor of Zoology and Professor of Toxicology from University of Ljubljana. With over twenty years of research experience, she is the founder and principal investigator of Bionanoteam.