Nanoparticles and safety – Damjana Drobne on National Radio Val202

Ljubljana - July 6th, 2015

The team leader, Prof. Damjana Drobne, and a project partner, Prof. Veronika Kralj-Iglič, presented the topics on everyday use of nanoparticles and their hazard potential to the broader Slovenian audience, by participating in the National Radio station Val 202. They presented our opinion that an organism is in a way well prepared to the presence of nanoparticles in the environment as human beings have been in contact with the naturally occurring ones at least since the invention of fire. Nevertheless, the more hazardous are the engineered ones being used as additives or enhancers in food and textile production, even within the military industry. They have pointed out the potential of nanoparticles to disrupt cell membranes, which can, among other consequences, cause and increase the risk for thrombosis.

Damjana Drobne

Prof. Dr. Damjana Drobne

Biotechnical Faculty University of Ljubljana Večna pot 111 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia +386 1 320 3375 email | bibliography Bionanoteam is a research group at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. Founded in 2008 by Prof. Damjana Drobne, Bionanoteam currently consists of 3 experienced researchers, 2 PhD candidates, 1 technical assistant and a number of graduate and undergraduate students. Damjana is a Professor of Zoology and Professor of Toxicology from University of Ljubljana. With over twenty years of research experience, she is the founder and principal investigator of Bionanoteam.