Alenka Malovrh

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I have been a student assistant at Bionanoteam since 2013 and have participated in the implementation of exposure experiments, histological methods, biological sample preparation and fixation, microwave acid digestion, measurements with the flame atomic absorption spectrometer, enzyme activity measurements etc. My current focus is in the field of biosensors and nanodevices.

Master thesis (Biotechnology, MSc): Characterization of enzymes involved in arabinogalactan degradation by Bifidobacterium longum, 2016.

Graduation thesis (Biotechnology, BSc): Optimisation of method measurnig lipid peroxidation in digestive glands of terrestrial isopods, 2013. [ site ]

My research interests are:

  • nanomaterials,
  • nanobiotechnology,
  • environmental biotechnology,
  • metabolic engineering,
  • biochemical engineering.

Machines and methods I have learned so far:

  • flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS),
  • microwave acid digestion of biological samples,
  • conventional histology,
  • lipid peroxidation measurements (TBARS method),
  • different methods of enzyme activity measurements (DNS method, Elman),
  • bacteria cultivation,
  • heterologous expression,
  • laboratory scale protein production,
  • IMAC, SEC (Akta purification system) and TLC chromatography,
  • analytical gel filtration,
  • SDS-PAGE, affinity electrophoresis,
  • enzyme kinetics,
  • differential scanning calorimetry (Nano DSC),
  • basic bioinformatic and statistical analysis.

Other experience and projects:

  • (2015) Heterologous expression and biochemical characterization of enzymes (DTU Systems Biology).
  • (2014) Analysis of causes for microbial infection and development of monitoring system (Operational programme of Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Republic of Slovenia, project for company Calcit d.o.o).
  • (2010) Bioremediation with white-rot fungi (high school project).

International activities:

  • (2015) Erasmus+ practical exchange to Technical University of Denmark, Department of Systems Biology, Enzyme and Protein Chemistry.
  • (2012) UNICA Student Conference 2012: “The ideal European University”. Oslo, Norway. [ site ]
  • (2012) Campus Party Europe in Berlin, Germany. [ site ]