Dr. Monika Kos

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I graduated in Structural and functional biology (September, 2013) from Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The title of my Master science thesis is:  Impact of ionophore coccidiostat monenzin on the kinetics of copper in an earthworm Eisenia andrei.

In October, 2013 I enrolled in the interdisciplinary doctoral study Biosciences, research area Nanosciences, coordinated by the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana and became a young researcher in the Group for nanobiology and nanotoxicology.

Awards, honors, and grants:

  • (2013) Faculty Prešeren Award, for the graduation thesis, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana
Antibacterial and degradation properties of dialdehyded and aminohexamethylated nanocelluloses
Kokol V, Novak S, Kononenko V, Kos M, Vivod V, Gunde-Cimerman N, Drobne D
[ site ] Carbohydrate polymers

Different response of acetylcholinesterases in salt- and detergent-soluble fractions of honeybee haemolymph, head and thorax after exposure to diazinon
Glavan G, Kos M, Božič J, Drobne D, Sabotič J, Jemec Kokalj A
[ site ] Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology

Cerium(IV) oxide nanoparticles induce sublethal changes in honeybees after chronic exposure
Kos M, Jemec A, Glavan G, Marolt G, Zidar P, Božič J, Novak S, Drobne D
[ site ] Environmental Science: Nano

In field conditions, commercial pigment grade TiO2 was not harmful to terrestrial isopods but reduced leaf litter fragmentation
Jemec A, Kos M, Drobne D, Koponen IK, Vukić J, Ferreira NGC, Loureiro S, McShane HVA
[ pdf ] [ site ] Science of the Total Environment

The role of PVP in the bioavailability of Ag from the PVP-stabilized Ag nanoparticle suspension
Romih T, Jemec A, Kos M, Hočevar SB, Kralj S, Makovec D, Drobne D
[ site ] Environmental Pollution

Gold nanoparticles do not induce adverse effects on terrestrial isopods Porcellio scaber after 14-day exposure
Škarková P, Romih T, Kos M, Novak S, Kononenko V, Jemec A, Vávrová M, Drobne D
[ pdf ] [ site ] Acta Biologica Slovenica

Effects of food salinization on terrestrial crustaceans Porcellio scaber
Škarková P, Kos M, Drobne D, Vávrová M, Jemec A
[ pdf ] [ site ] Applied Soil Ecology

A case study to optimise and validate the brine shrimp Artemia franciscana immobilisation assay with silver nanoparticles: The role of harmonisation
Kos M, Kahru A, Drobne D, Singh S, Kalčíková G, Kühnel D, Rekulapelly R, Žgajnar Gotvajn A, Jemec A
[ site ] Environmental Pollution

FTIR microscopy reveals distinct biomolecular profile of crustacean digestive glands upon subtoxic exposure to ZnO nanoparticles
Romih T, Jemec A, Novak S, Vaccari L, Ferraris P, Šimon M, Kos M, Susič R, Kogej K, Zupanc J, Drobne D
[ pdf ] [ site ] Nanotoxicology

Elemental distribution and sample integrity comparison of freeze-dried and frozen-hydrated biological tissue samples with nuclear microprobe
Vavpetič P, Vogel-Mikuš K, Jeromel L, Potočnik Ogrinc N, Pongrac P, Drobne D, Pipan Tkalec Ž, Novak S, Kos M, Koren Š, Regvar M, Pelicon P
[ pdf ] [ site ] Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms